Our platform GS Trackme


Platform designed with the best technology
on the market, great response speed and functionalities that will allow you to improve
the logistics of your units.


Installation of high frequency and powerful
devices that allow the tracking of vehicles at
the exact location.


Receive notifications of alerts in real time via
e-mail and text messages, for greater
monitoring and control in your vehicles or


Staff trained and highly qualified to monitor
your units and cover your needs 24/7.

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Solutions for …

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Get accurate and important updates in regards to your company vehicles. With our platform enjoy the benefits of time management, cost savings, safety, timely maintenance, and more.

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Get an inside look at your operation. Always know where your equipment is, how often it is being used, and make sure it doesn’t pass its scheduled tune ups. GS Trackme helps you get the most out of your time and resources!

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And more…

What else can we do? Have peace of mind knowing your assets are where you left them. Our list of solutions can help track trailers, dumpsters, and more.

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